Wednesday, May 28, 2008

slide and roll

pig wheels recently gave me this ad in skateboarder mag. this spot, although it had been skated in the past, was super chunked up at the bottom and im sure this is why the kid or somebody else had not done this maneuver before i got there. so when jeff king called me and said he has this new show on fuel tv, and they want to shoot something with me , maybe a section on bondo-ing a spot, hey.... i've been wanting to do this trick forever. ever since i saw muska skate it like 3 years ago. so a little bondo, (you can dee it at the bottom there)danozone filmed it , along with laban and ted. i'm pushing for the footage to be my guest trick in featch's part in the new transworld vid. by the way, i pulled this trick and then broke my wrist trying it one last time for a different angle. sometimes you just gotta be satisfied yo.

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