Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shades of skate

The Anon Skate team continues their travels while tramping through the rough-hewn northwest wilderness between playing skate train on some fun concrete quarter-pipes.

Go to BNQT for more videos.
BTW. Clint Peterson really is a fucking good skateboarder, One of my faves. (All of these dudes).

Albuquerque's finest

Imagine if you were a wannabe gangster who tried to steal some kids boards and then all of a sudden Rocky Norton skated around the corner?! Wow. I mean, Rocky can literally curl a parking block and still shred like no other. Finally, a Mag Minute from Rocky, One of my favorite dudes on the planet.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wednesday Aug 26, Fuel Tv

Everybody's favorite
Moustaches, Patrick Melcher and Richie Jackson will be featured on Fuel TV's 'The Daily Habit' on Wednesday August 26th. Check the listings and peep the comedic spiral of madness and psychotic pleasentness.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kook interviewer on T hawk

At first, I watched this cause the dude's name is Mehlman and I thought, for a second that it said MelchMan. Which would've been a bit cooler.
Then I kept watching To view the trainwreck and how into the depths of douche-dom this fool was wiling to travel. Thanks for making a mockery (literally) of our sport.


Now I'm a big fan of Larry David, Seinfield and The Elaine Bennis 'Sponge-worthy' episode (not so much the 'yada. yada, yada episode) which Mehlman was the principal writer for. (no, L.D. and the Feld didn't write every single episode all alone). But Let's just say, Keep it behind the camera you slug. This piece misses the mark by a long-shot.
What's with these attempted farce comedies bleeding into the skateboard world? This shit is a sad rip-off of the daily show. It goes on too long, and the host?
Props to the Birdman for sticking it out and being a sport.


The Mysteries of the nuge revealed. How he stole ted nugent's name and got away with it. The dawn of the oklahomies. And The dude ollie'd el-toro first try.

Don Nguyen Rules.

Psych Mag Minuto rips

tyler franz

I'm way into this:

"From the depths of Michigan we proudly bring you the best minutes of your morning—Tyler Franz. Tyler’s life is endless entertainment, the hardest slams, food thievery, Family Guy impersonations, hippy shit, baby girls, and dance parties. Always skating fast, always dropping madness, always on, always with style to boot. Ty makes skating look like rock and roll. Best slams ever, daily. Count on dude being on the ground when you see him—low five, our friend. Humble, hyphy, and hungry. Cheers, Ty Franz. You’re too tight. Everyone is about to know this. No homo!"-D. Lutheran

I dont know about the early-ish grab on the crailslide, and I think the ditch roll into the tunnel should've been the last trick, just to signify an abyss of darknes. But everybody's a critic, huh? No, for real, I love this part. I'm especially feelin' the psychedelic sounds which are so in fashion right now in the skateboard world. I welcome them with open arms. Basically this vid part rips.
What's with stretching out the Mag Minutes into full length parts though? The beauty of these clips is the quickness. What we most love and cherish in a mag minute is that its a mag MINUTE.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Punk's Not Dead

It's just really weird now...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The revolution will not be ostricized

Or: why I like the music of the people.
Soul music and rhythm and blues Have been commonly referred to as black peoples music. Now, although Music and rhythm was spawned deep in the heart of africa, And I do believe this to be public knowledge, I find there is no more pleasant sound than the American recording industry's (particularly Motown records) Soul music of the 1960's. At this time I will give a sort of photo essay of the best and brightest of this oh-so splendid of musical greatness.

That is all for now, Roll over London, Rock on Chicago.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

melville's leviathan

"That sea beast Leviathan, which God of all his works Created hugest that swim the ocean stream." PARADISE LOST.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

True Grit

I really don't know how anybody would NOT be into 5BORO

Yeah, it's 2 years old, but they rule.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moby Dick II (by Stephanie Piro)

Moby Dick ll: My Side
by Stephanie Piro

I don’t know how you paparazzi ever track me down? Usually, I don’t do interviews, but some time has gone by…and I’m ready to set the record straight. Let history be the judge of who’s the real bad guy in this story!

So, you ask me about memorable characters in my life, and I guess, for tenacity alone, I would have to include my old nemesis, Ahab.

First off, it wasn’t murder. It was self-defense! He was obsessed with me. A stalker!

I admit I’m something special. King of the ocean and all that. No man is an island, but when he described me as one, well, he wasn’t wrong. Whales…we float through the sea each an individual, so that analogy was actually pretty perceptive on his part.

Still, I’m no man-eater. The leg thing? These things happen. Chasing me in those damn boats, not to mention poking me with those pointy harpoons. I HAD to teach him a lesson. I really thought that would put an end to it. Put him out of commission. Send him home to the wife and kids. Maybe I could have a couple years of peace… contemplating the universe, with just those pesky barnacles and seagulls to annoy me…

But, oh no. Who shows up a few years later? And more crazy than ever? You got it. Ahab!

I tried to stay out of his way, but he persisted in searching every drop of the ocean till he found me, minding my own business.

Sure, I may have tipped over a vessel or two. I’m not small. But I don’t EAT anyone. I’m NOT a shark. Let’s get that straight!

The Pequod. Not my fault. He did make me mad. Look, I’m pretty easy going, but even a sea turtle would have been pushed to his limit. I’m a little sorry about the mess. Our habitat is polluted enough. We don’t need any more wrecks cluttering up the ocean floor.

Back to Ahab. He physically attacked me. Jumps on. Starts stabbing me with that damn harpoon of his. Yes, the critics refer to it as a metaphor…but it hurt anyway. I was forced to dive, going down, down, down to try to scrape him off against some anchors and stuff down there at the bottom. Took some doing. Just LOOK at these scars.

This has been very emotional for me…but I feel good about it. No, I will NOT pose with the Ahab look-a-like. That’s pushing it. I’m still pretty big, you know.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer's not a bummer; It's a stunner!

"There was a time, everything was fine
You got drunk on the day like it was wine". T-Rex

Skateboarding is already a monster sport in America. Over here the only contribution I’ve heard of local officials making was to spread gravel over a park to stop kids doing it.

What we want are proper skating areas. All you need is a banked rink, you can rent the protective gear for this healthy sport that’ll keep you trim, outdoors or in. Given some rock and roll music to move to, you’ve got the best combination since surfing and the Beach Boys. - Marc Bolan (1977)