Sunday, August 23, 2009

Psych Mag Minuto rips

tyler franz

I'm way into this:

"From the depths of Michigan we proudly bring you the best minutes of your morning—Tyler Franz. Tyler’s life is endless entertainment, the hardest slams, food thievery, Family Guy impersonations, hippy shit, baby girls, and dance parties. Always skating fast, always dropping madness, always on, always with style to boot. Ty makes skating look like rock and roll. Best slams ever, daily. Count on dude being on the ground when you see him—low five, our friend. Humble, hyphy, and hungry. Cheers, Ty Franz. You’re too tight. Everyone is about to know this. No homo!"-D. Lutheran

I dont know about the early-ish grab on the crailslide, and I think the ditch roll into the tunnel should've been the last trick, just to signify an abyss of darknes. But everybody's a critic, huh? No, for real, I love this part. I'm especially feelin' the psychedelic sounds which are so in fashion right now in the skateboard world. I welcome them with open arms. Basically this vid part rips.
What's with stretching out the Mag Minutes into full length parts though? The beauty of these clips is the quickness. What we most love and cherish in a mag minute is that its a mag MINUTE.

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