Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kook interviewer on T hawk

At first, I watched this cause the dude's name is Mehlman and I thought, for a second that it said MelchMan. Which would've been a bit cooler.
Then I kept watching To view the trainwreck and how into the depths of douche-dom this fool was wiling to travel. Thanks for making a mockery (literally) of our sport.

Now I'm a big fan of Larry David, Seinfield and The Elaine Bennis 'Sponge-worthy' episode (not so much the 'yada. yada, yada episode) which Mehlman was the principal writer for. (no, L.D. and the Feld didn't write every single episode all alone). But Let's just say, Keep it behind the camera you slug. This piece misses the mark by a long-shot.
What's with these attempted farce comedies bleeding into the skateboard world? This shit is a sad rip-off of the daily show. It goes on too long, and the host?
Props to the Birdman for sticking it out and being a sport.

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