Monday, June 2, 2008


todats departure:

todays departure:
king of chicago's blues scene:
Mr. Diddley, who died Monday of heart failure at 79, strongly influenced British guitarists Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones as well as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page during their days in the Yardbirds.

With his black glasses and low-slung guitar, Mr. Diddley was rock's gunslinger, always moving on. His first recording on the Chess/Checker label in 1955 was the two-sided No. 1 hit on the R&B charts Bo Diddley/ I'm A Man.

On their first tour of the United Kingdom in 1963, the Rolling Stones opened for Mr. Diddley and the Everly Brothers. Soon afterward, Mick Jagger was playing both tambourine and maracas on the band's first records. The Stones' early sound was epitomized by the one-two punch of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. Their version of Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away is notable for its emphasis of the Diddley rhythm.

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