Monday, December 8, 2008

if you like sausages....

for those of you who are into the Germanic art of ground meat inside of intestinal tube. this is the spot.


Modestly sized and modernly designed with slick red and blonde wood walls and cooler-than-IKEA Swedish chairs, this Downtown sausage spot's serving links classic (hot or sweet Italian, bratwurst), gourmet (pesto chicken & turkey), and gamey (rattlesnake & rabbit w/jalapeno). To round things out, there's Belgian fries w/white truffle oil, 20+ dipping sauces (bleu cheese walnut & bacon, citrus ginger mayo, etc) and 33 beers, from PBR to Aventinus Eisbock -- at 13% ABV, it'll be the venom that accompanies your rattlesnake.
Also on the menu: Buffalo, Duck, and Alligator.

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