Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Peacy dishes the info on our new TV show

in an interview with my main man (pro BMXer)Jon Peacy tells ESPN a bit about our new project:

"The big project I have in the works is a reality TV series along with pro skater Patrick Melcher as my counterpart. The show's working title is The Good Times Roll With Melch And Peacy, and it's an onslaught of major cities countrywide charging with a van of bikers, their videographer and photographer, a van of skaters, their videographer and photographer, and the deranged, habitual obsession to kill spots! It's going to be a 12 episode series with new riders for each metropolis totalling 60 riders in all. It will be popping on the screens early 2010 and it's gonna get WAY ridiculous!"-Peacy
To read a bunch more about the BMX respect for skateboarding and takes on shredding the world: CLICK HERE

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