Saturday, February 13, 2010 (Adam Salo)

The once drunk, belligerent and now very dead poet Charles Bukowski once wrote, "Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live." He was absolutely right. In skateboarding, we have the luxury of getting very close to madness at times, without (hopefully) going completely over the edge.
Think about it; what compels us to toil for hours in parking lots and alleys and streets for hours and days just to experience the very fleeting glory of a solidly landed trick? You know the answer and so do I. But most everyone else, hasn't got a clue. Bad news is kids, the older you get the more people will look at you funny for still being ardently in love with skateboarding. The good news is, you're not alone and those people that look at you funny or ask, "what are you still doing riding that thing?" those people are idiots.
One of the best things about skateboarding is the random cross section of people it brings together and the eccentric personalities it nurtures. What other sport would be so enamored with a guy like Jim Greco?

And who but skaters could make a lucrative career out of being as much of an awesome space cadet as Nick Trapasso? Would anyone in, say the NBA balance their pro career with a desire to cultivate a world-class, award winning moustache like ,b>Patrick Melcher? Okay, maybe Dennis Rodman, but I'd argue Melcher has more skills.
Watching this video of Antwuan Dixon at Crossroads, I couldn't help but smile at just how out there that guy is and yet how loved he is by skaters all over. Dude is amazing (Antwuan please put out another video part. Your antics are awesome but your skating is even better). Here's to the crazy ones. Keep doing what you do. -Adam Salo (ESPN.COM)

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