Monday, August 4, 2008

london calling

my london dongon will soon be a thing of memory. ive had plenty of time here . ive always said that spending over two weeks in one spot is risking the burden of familiarity. (what a nightmare) i was right. it seems that the people at the convienence store at the end of the road have come to expect my bi-daily visits. no matter - travel is emminent, the reality of spain is about to fruision and fold time and space into itself like a bad hand of blackjack. i only hope that my submissive southpaw retains its plattitude for the duration. featch, he is an enigma, skating one day and sleeping for three. the man has become bent on pursuing a life in reflection of salvador dali, one of madness, and uncertainty. if this continues, i wont be surprised to see him follow into the deep footsteps of his comrade and countryman t. west, and bed down a wife whilst in the medeteranian pleasantville known as espania. although weve been as fortunate as one ever could here, with the weather, it being sunfilled strawberry fields and london bridges (which are not, i am happy to report, falling down) capped with moonbeam kisses. today brings the rain, and in that, an indoor park session, blah. tomorrow, i ventire south, to a land of rising temperatures and less chlothing.

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