Saturday, August 9, 2008

the new "I-SCOOT" (by macintosh)

beat that shadlambert!

in an effort to stay way ahead of the game i said 'fuck it' im not gonna live forever and since the i-phone 3G is already dated as hell, im just gonna go all out and get the new i-scoot. y'all fools have no idea how much texts this dawg can hold. and it dont even need recharging evs. all you gots to do is put this liquid in it couple times a week and youre way ahead of the game. it does better than talking on the phone (so 90's) and way better than even skype (bad resolution on those tv's anyway) you aint gonna believe what the I-SCOOT can do, man apple gone and outdid themselves this time. with the new I-SCOOT you actually get to get on and go to the person toy wantin' to be textin. instead of minicam talking back and forth, you are for real face to face, bam! and usually you get there faster than it'd take to upload a video feed too. damn, apple. on the mad forefront of technology... what they gonna come out with next?

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