Thursday, August 14, 2008

tribulations of a spanish malcontent

the last 2 days have seen the ups and downs of society in my life. since the 2 hours of writing that got erased off of my laptop, ive been abandoned by this swede, luckily i had no bags stored at his place. the dude was being sketchy all day and then after we had the usual roaming of the streets all night long , he decides to tell me that i 'cant stay at his pad anymore'. there is some confusion with his roomates and maybe there is somebody's stepmother that is coming in to town, so no melch. i was pissed. ''you have to wait till 5 am to tell me this, youve known all day and NOW is when you decise to tell me this, you prick''. so here i am.. 5 am and out on the streets. this is where and when i started to get the blues. luckily i hooked up with a couple of british guys who have a house way outside the city and offered up a space on the floor. this , since i didnt know these dudes at all, they just happened to be out on one of the 30 man sessions of the skatefest, turned out to be a bit wierd to me. although to them, im sure that this was just a normal night, they were already on coke and arguing about the best and or worst way to get home. this train ride lasted an hour and was , what i thought was a nightmare, but i soon found out what nightmare status really was. up up up three of spain's most unforgiving hills, only to arrive at mt everest part II. I've finally arrived at the solace i much needed, the place where i was promised sleepdowns, floor, meant a spot on the balcony where , as it was already nearing seven o clock, i had no chance of escaping the summer heat, 'no shade?' i asked , as the amphetamine ridden brits went on and on for 2 more hours , mumbling in a language something akin to hobbit talk. ugh, i just want a couple hours sleep . nevertheless, on the hot solid ground i slept, thankfully the sun receded behind the roof at 10 and i found a couple of hours of actual. ahhh. "id love to hang out", i said upon waking, but ive got to meet the t west for an adventure of epic proportions. the morning and thereafter started looking up. we trekked out to some park where there were trails and caverns and a bunch of religeous bullshit and a palace that overlooked the rest of the city. it was damn beautiful. although we climed mountains and scaled rock faces alll day i thought it'd be a treat to walk all the way back into town. it was fucking far, but i wanted to make myself as tired as possible, so that if i happened to be stranded out on the street tonight, id be sure to actually sleep it out. stopped into a bookstore and stole the new chuck phalanuck 'snuff' . everywhere here has security guards here, which makes theiving fun. sat at the contemporary art museum and had a read down before foraging on to find out about that airplane ticket mumbojumbo, gotta go home sometime. also it gives me a concrete deadline to film skateboarding tricks, instead of this lazy, we'll do it later , way of skating. i hadnt filmed one thing yet and ive been here a whole week. that changed today when i dropped the bomb that im leaving in 4 days so..... we went to this sick spot and both featch and i filmed eachother in a old oversaturated spot with new eyeopening tricks. exactly what i needed. i think it'll be on the up and up from here.

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