Saturday, August 16, 2008


Post War Trade is the Democratic Future of Merchandising. Brought to you by, my friends, The Dresden Dolls and the one and only Katie Kay.

Post-War Trade is a unique merchandising concept using the talent of fans and artists the world over. From toothbrushes to pillowcases, coats to ukuleles, Post-War Trade is the modern answer to band merchandising. Every item is designed and handmade by a talented artist, who shares in the profits from their sale. This creative model supports the designers and creators that help make Punk Cabaret a reality and insures that The Dresden Dolls can offer merch as unique as their music.

i have designed and been painting my own contribution to this PWT collective its a ukulele (like the one that steve martin plays in "the jerk").... check it, ( and tell your girlfriend to buy you one for your birthday.

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