Monday, August 11, 2008

shine on, you crazy spaniards

starbucks here is double the price of any other of the cafe prices. i think that the city is in opposition to the big business tourist demons, but as i whine about it i realize that it is truly the only place you can get a 20 oz coffee. theyre telling me here that in paris there is no starbucks at all. in order to preserve the classic culture and not make the city the next bejing or new york. i believe it, even though i fully remember drinking it there, maybe memory has distorted, maybe ive been too many places and im attempting to use this addictive substance as a binding element to attain a sense of grounding. not a bad way of looking at it. you need a home even if its a scalding hot liquid served in a sippy cup. well, i knew it wouldnt take long, but last night featch and the featch australlian consortium premiered the video (transworld) at this skater-friendly bar which is on the same block as MT everest and the crowd went absolutely mad. absolutely. all was well until the featch part hit the screen, youve heard a similar roar in a matadorial bullfight perhaps, maybe a southern tractor pull. these onlookers were psyched. im assuming the feeling of elatiion out of his loins was triple that of any of the rest of us, . unfortunatly, ive also learned, the streets and bars are all run by some sort of spanish mafia and the owners and propirators were not thrilled. we didnt even get to finihsh his part before all the lights were on and everybody was shuffled out of the bar in haste. im not sure what why or wherefor, but this was about to get bad. seventy sweaty skaters and drunks spewed into the street after being stripped of their romantic accolades... alll of the street men who walk around sellling dollar beers were esctatic. their sales were about to skyrocket, there are opprotunists that feed off of the ignorance of tourists and are all run by some sort of sleasze-lord. the bar was up in arms and we all vacated to these houseparties, or so called houseparties , where two girls opened up their virtually vacant timeshare to the rest of the world. it seemed chill for about a half an hour until the owners got home. how could these chicks think it'd be a good idea to have the ebtire skateboarding populius of spain in their summer rental with the possibility of the owners dropping by? well ther stormed in and yelled a bunch of spanish. its great to actually BE truly ignorant, in lieu of what im used to, just playing ignorant. i have no idea what you're saying, so ill just leave. ive learned quick that the street-walking hookers of the world are really just pickpockets. ive done enough studying on the subject that im hyper-aware of anybody of unknown proportions attempting to give more than a handshake. these hookers are foreward, not to mention mostly all dudes with tits, they slide up aside you and feel you up in a mannor of grabing your piece or your ass and swiping whatever they can. no doubt many an idiot tourist boy has fallen victim and woke up the next morning to 'where's my wallet?" i lost my phone last night', or whatever. sneaky fucks. i almost just wanted to chill and watch them work, out of a sort of respect.

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