Monday, March 17, 2008

the art of the PICKPOCKET, contd.

we all know that a jock with his wallet in his back pocket wearing baggy pants is like the easiest target ever. not even a challenge. and since he's a jock , he deserves to get knicked anyway. go to a hip hop concert where everybody has XL jeans hanging down to their knees and the crowd is all bumping up against eachother and youre in what i call easy street. PREVENTION?... they say if you want to keep your goods from being dipped, you should keep them in your breast pocket. makes sense, but there are semi-easy ways to scoop out of the frontal section as well. beware of would-be friendly strangers putting their arms around you in a 'drunk' manner. staying sober will help your decision making process and keep your whits when and if youve got to make quick-talking escape.

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