Friday, March 21, 2008

I, LIBERTINE and "you'll shoot your eye out"!

Los Angeles' full name is "El Pueblo de NuestraSenora laReina de los Angeles de Porciuncula" and can be abbreviated to 3.63% of its size, "L.A."

libertines: not only the best band to come out of the UK since THE CLASH and a stellar, STELLAR movie of 2006 starring johnny depp,,,,,,,

LIBERTINE, meaning pretty much a person who is not restrained by morality, religion or law, with the pursuit of personal pleasure being of the highest principle, is one of those things that square ass people love to read about and scoff at but never adapt into their true lives.
for a refreshing perspective on true unhinged hedonism. from the man who's name has become synonymous with famous sexual perversity. so, what could any of this possibly have to do with the film A CHRISTMAS STORY?

well , in one of the most fascinating hoaxes perpetrated on the american public, the story goes like this... remember how a major part of the reason that movie was so rad was because of the old dude narrating throughout it. it was ralphy as a grown-up . well that dude was also the WRITER of 'a christmas story' .
his name was JEAN SHEPHERD. before gaining all that fame from the movie , which released in 1983, he was a radio DJ in new york in the 50's and worked the Graveyard shift, which allowed him to get away with anything he wanted , due to the low numbers of listeners. but these listeners were loyal and felt themselves as part of a secret community that they called the "night people". Shepherd was sick of how media was seemingly becoming run by advertising companies and then, as now, was convinced that people wouldn't even buy a book unless the media told them that it was all right . he devised a way to put it to the test and created a demand for a book that didn't exist. suggested all of his loyal "night people" to go to bookstores and order "I, Libertine" by Frederick Ewing. Neither the book or the author existed. bookstore owners and publishers became frenzied trying to order this book that was in such high demand. and the hoax continued on with some people who knew the truth claiming to have dined with the author! it was mentioned in magazines and newspaper articles which were already giving it great reviews. the wall street journal eventually broke the news of the hoax . but by then there was such a demand that it didn't matter and Shepard ACTUALLY wrote "I, Libertine" for the paperback trade, in collaboration with Theodore Sturgeon. Copies can still be found, for $100 or more.

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