Monday, March 24, 2008


Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer.

making 5 out of 1 :

Take a one dollar bill; use bleach or nail polish to remove the ink.
Then print up a new bill over the bleached one. using a high quality laser printer. i suggest printing out 5 dollar bills because there's no color shifting on the ink, and the "micro-printing on the 5 dollar bill is twice as big as compared to that on the 10 dollar bill.

this may sound weak, but it only takes 4 minutes to make one 5 dollar bill if you are good at it, and the security strip can be replicated by means of printing the letters on the back of your fake bill, covering it up with white gel pen ink, and printing over it (you will only be able to see the security strip from one side, but who checks the strip from the back or even checks 5s at all!) Do the same with the watermark. Because you bleach the paper, the blue and red fiber show up too.

if you think this is tedious(increasing your capitol 400 percent every 5 minutes) try working a fast-food job for minimum wage. Yes, i worked at mcdonalds when i was sixteen for $3.75 / hr. thats where i got the idea to make my own money. i couldn't ever steal enough from this shitty job to make it worth my while.


Bujar said...

hey man,

Could you please explain to me the exact cleaning process and which printers are best to use.


Someone said...

you do realize this is ILLEGAL right? if you're caught you're screwed right?

Anonymous said...

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Sicc Lyfe said...

Childish my man with the rude ass comment^^^
But ahh yea it' does work I seen ppl do the 100 and 50s they come out nice!! But how do u line this shit up on the bleached paper like I'm confused?

Michael Lawrence said...

Did you ever figure it out bro?

black sun said...
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