Monday, March 17, 2008

on set at FUEL TV's "the DAILY HABIT"

on friday i went down and filmed for this EXTREME talkshow called the daily habit.(on FUEL TV) usually you are sitting there and they show video of you and ask you a ton of questions 'ala david letterman Then they play a music video or 2 and you talk about why you like this band, which is rad since it incorporates musick, which we all love, with skateboarding, which fucking rules. anywhoo. you get to pick the videos they play. i picked THE TOSSERS, (a quasi-traditional irish punk band from chicago) and the DRESDEN DOLLS , (whom i've become to know, personally, over the last several months) but alas ... i've been informed that they will not show either of those videos on the air since , i was in the studio with BAD RELIGION, and the were playing live on the set with me , that will trump the pre recorded music video style goods of the usual. also on the show the sometime-host (DUNE) CHRIS PASTRAS has a romp through the WE/SC artshow, and there is a bunch of new footie of me that you wont see anywhere else. cool,? cool. ill post the air date when i get it.

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