Sunday, March 16, 2008


'dipping' or picking a pocket is a serious skill. the 'vic' / victim never knows theyve been dipped and the lift will feel a sense of accomplishment that few things outside of skateboarding could provide. it is a true artform complete with a ton of different styles and maneuvers that are way fucking impressive and risky. SMOOTH CRIMINAL strikes again.

the COVERUP is my favorite distraction in public when picking a vic's pocket. below we use a newapaper and act distracted while glancing sporadically with the perriferals to make sure we are hiting the mark.

below is The "sandwich" technique: The stall stops suddenly, and the pick bumps into the mark from behind, lifting her wallet. this involves teamwork . but its the oldest and most effective method in "dipping". the vic is so distracted by what is going on in front of her that she doesnt feel the dip happening. I LOVE IT.oh my god, this person in front of me is tying their shoe.. boom , im crashing into them , bang the dude behind me is crashing into me. WTF he is mashing up against me and i gotta get out of this situation. im off to starbucks. wait where the fuck is my wallet? the team can be as big as you like because there are jobs for everyone. The important job is the LIFT, the actual pickpocket, and the second is the BUMP. The "bump" is the member of the team that stalls the mark, bumping into them and distracting them long enough for the pickpocket to make the lift. In reality this is all you need.


Austin B. Barrett said...

I'm using this techniques to putpocket (reverse pickpocket) someone tomorrow.

Austin B. Barrett said...

*these techniques